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Go after the retail establishments...just take a walk down chinatown in the city, tank after tank of Blackfish. These must be caught by clandistine means. To think that this fishery is damaged by a culture ( chinatown/and Japenese restaraunts ) The DEC should go down there, and ticket those guys who buy fish off of recreational fisherman. This is a illegal act, poaching is a crime.I have been fishing on charter boats with guys with elaborate battery operated live wells...these fisherman should be left at the dock, starting this weekend. One fish?, this is going to damage all charter boats, and bait and tackle shops who try hard to work year round.

Just an idea?, how about a registry on persons involved with catching blackfish, with a declaration on what they are doing with their fish.A bit complicated, the commercial guys work this way. I think that a select few have created this crisis. Fair, law abiding fisherman should not take the rap for some criminal fisherman.

Alberto..what is your take on this ?
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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