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We've seen this so many times already, yet we continue to argue amongst ourselves to lay blame.

Where's the whiting? Where's the cod? Heck where's the flounder? These fish are practically gone. The recreational fisherman is almost completely gone from targeting these species yet there is still no sign of a recovery? Obviously it wasn't us that destroyed their numbers and habitat. Obviously a great wrong will be done by the Blackfish also.

$$$=GREED=Whatever is being served for dinner gets hammered until severe cut backs are warranted. And god help it if a species ever does make a partial comeback, cause it will do nothing but start the cycle all over again. Yea, there?s a shift in interest, by the commercials.

I still would like to know how ANYBODY could claim to know the numbers when NO ONE is counting the numbers? Almost every important factor is guesswork of phantom input and wizard like clairvoyance when it comes too who's actually catching and killing. I'm tired of hearing numbers produced from crystal balls. There are way too many different groups out there that are killing fish for different reasons with different intentions; market, recreation, bycatch, habitat destruction. It all counts and I am absolutely 100% sure that recreational cannot be held responsible to a tune of a 63% share reduction of any species. I am also 100% sure that not every single factor is being creditably or accurately counted. Their blaming over half the problem on the Recreational side when the recs. Are no way responsible for that many fish! Nation wide recreational fishermen numbers are plummeting, our catch rates overall are being reduced in wide scale fashion. I'm taking it in the rear and I only took a total of maybe 20 fish all of last year. How many Blackfish did one single commercial kill on average, for market or as bycatch? HA! We'll never know will we?
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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