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Crazy Al,

I hope I don't sound too stupid here but I often get confused when poeple begin talking about the differnet type of lure's. I know there are things like poppers, buctails and jigs, what is the proper description?

I consider a 007 Diamond jig to be a jig, well what is my Kastmaster, an underwater swimmer?

Hate to sound so dumb here!

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Hi Finnegan,

First of all... That's not a stupid question at all and I can see the problem!

OK, here it goes?
A Kastmaster or a crocodile is usually considered a tin
A popper is something that "pops" on the surface ? like a polaris popper, little neck, smack it lure.
A bucktail is generally a hairy jig (made from a deer?s tail) that works the mid & bottom column.
A metal jig could also be a cripple herring, diamond "jig" .
A swimmer is like a bomber, wooden bait...anything that represents a fish.
A Grub or Plastic usually means a plastic worm or a plastic fish.
A [trailer[/B] is something like a pork rind, worm, plastic that is usually attached at the end of a bucktail or tin as an attractant.
A Plug usually means a wooden swimmer (fish representation).


I hope this gives you a good idea and thank you for asking! ;)

Remember? there is no such thing as a ?stupid question??this is how everybody learns! :)

Tight Lines!

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]

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Another stupid question...
I surfcast for weaks and fluke...usually in Jamaica Bay...I wanted to also try kastmasters, charlie graves tins...My mono line is 15 lb. test..I was told to use a duolock snap swivel with a leader attached to the tin. Does this also apply to a 1 or 1.5 Crippled herring?



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It all depends on where you live, so I guess that I'll confuse you now with some Florida terminology.

A spoon is a flat metal lure like a Krocadile or Castmaster

A jig is a lead head with hair

A feather is the same as above, only with feathers

A plug is about any baitfish imatation lure that travels on or below the surface. It might be referred to as a diver if it has a lip in the front that causes it to dive.

Nobody that I know uses diamond jigs down there and if you ask for a tin at a tackle shop, they'll look at you like you have 3 heads. Sorry to add to the confusion...


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Dude, the snap is used to give the lure freedom to wobble or dart. A split ring can also be used, except, a snap allows you to change lures without re- tieing the knot. As for a leader, there are many resons one might need to apply a leader. Mostly used for abraions reasons. More inportantly, use a swivel between your line and leader to prevent line twist. Expecially if you are using spoons that spin. It also doesn't hurt to use a swivel when fighting a fish. It will less the line twist.
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