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pro-sport personal experiences

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does anyone have any experience with a pro-sport 25 w/a or the dealership
seaview boat center on austin blvd in island park.over the phone the people sound great any other words of wisdom out there
vinny f
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Hey Vin, the best course of action would be take her for a boat ride,see the performance of the boat, any dealer with confidence in their product would do so,do your homework you'll make the right choice
go to theres a thread there about these boats

It was recently posted A prosports owner chimed in with a list of complaints like cheap hardware but then said it had a pretty good ride.
there middle of the line if that., alan
I bought an '01 22 foot W/A with a 200 yamaha from north shore yachts in Mattituck last year. the only problem i had was a leak in the front storage compartement that was fixed. Ive had the boat out in 4 - 5' seas many times and it handled well. I upgraded to the 200 hp and trim tabs instead of the hard top and the 150 hp. With the trailer it cost me 30 g's.

vinny f- just make sure that you go over your boat real careful before you take delivery. seems that the factory is popping boats to soon and it creates problems. i know a dealer who was cancelled because they tried to bring the problems to the attention of ther owner, (so they could be solved on future production) and the owner cancelled the dealer.
I just got my 1960 cc with 115 yamaha 4 stroke. The boat does have cheap hardware(rod holders and such), but it is a great ride. It's good for the price, but I would prefer a grady/pursuit. I just couldn't afford to pay 40g's + for a 20 footer.
thanks for the posts.i take delivery this weekend and beleive me i will go over it well.i did take a test drive on a 22'prosports and it was beautiful.i guess i'm just nervous because i'm spending my money not somebody elses.
thanks again

Vinny I'm sorry but I didn't realize that you are getting it from Seaview. Thats where I got mine from. Nick and Debbie are great people and have gone out of their way for us. I would buy from them again.

Good luck. The 25 WA looks sweet.
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