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Pro Gear Reels

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I am considering purchasing a Pro Gear reel for stripers and blues. Does anyone have any experience with these reels? I am looking at the 541. It is expensive and I would like some input first. Thanks in advance.

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I don't own one but those who have have told me they are fine reels but you really must take care of them because the salt gets inside and can cause all kinds of problems.

They said if you take them appart and keep them well maintained they are good for the $$.

Capt. Marc
Ditto, great performance reel, but you must maintain it; every trip wipe it down with a light spray of Salt-X or any other salt neutralizer and every few trips open her up to remove grit and lube the BBs.

No such thing as a zero-maintenance reel; salt eats everything.

If you really like the PGs, consider their graphite series. They make a line of reels with graphite sideplates; cheaper and lighter than the all-metal series and used to be called the Pacifica series. The 2500 is sweet and if you can find a closeout of that model, can be as low as $99. Another bargain is the Quantum Big Iron 325. 3BBs, holds 300 yards of 20#, no levelwind, 1-piece alum. frame and 5:1 retrieve for $39 from J&H tackle.
Thanks for the reply. I have read articles on aluminum reels and the message is always the same: lots of maintenance or else you end up with a tarnished reel that looks like ****. I will look into the other reels as advised, although I do not like the high ratios (5:1). Not enough pulling power to move big fish and very tiring to the angler. Great for moving jigs through the water though. Just like everything else in life, sometimes we must choose the lesser of two evils. Tight lines to all.
Just picked up a Pro Gear 541 on Sat 4/27, planning to use for blackshing. Haven't get a chance to use it, but tell you what, I'm alraedy in love with it.
I own a PG 541 and 545 and I love them. They have more cranking power than any comparable sized reel and are smooth as silk. You may want to consider the 545 for blackfish as it is narrower and more comfortable to fish with, yet it has the same guts as the 541. Just remember to keep it clean and don't allow any salt build up on it. Good luck.

try looking on ebay for the pro gear reels. you can get them for under $200.
Don't give up on all high-retrieve reels; fish a Trinidad and you'll understand that not all 6:1's are created equal. Amazing cranking power excellent casting, great drag. The TN16 and 14 would fit the bill, but they're kinda pricey; $250-285.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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