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Pro Gear Albacore special

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What's your thoughts for jigging tuna with this reel: model PG542
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From what I've been able to gather, the current situation is that he only Pro Gear reel being produced is the little lever drag, and all of those are apparently going to an overseas market, if you can believe that. There is a parts inventory on hand for the star drags, first come - first served, I would guess. You can talk to Danny if you want more details.
You've got an OJ and you're shopping for another star drag!? I always wondered what it would be like to have more money than sense. I think I'd really enjoy that...

Anyhoo, you'll probably want to give that reel a pass. I played with one in a tackle shop, and found it lacking. It's a heavy and clunky reel for its size, and the free spool was extra lame. I'm sure I could fix that, but for three and a half bills I expect a reel to perform out of the box.
Saltiga 30 is tiny, you don't want it. People confuse Daiwa 30T and 30 a lot, there is a big difference.

If the left handed thing is a big selling point for you, than by all means buy that reel. Not a lot of good left handed options out there. I think I'll PM this thread to Codkiller. :)
Tunatoys wrote:
It will still have more drag yhan the progear and is easily repairable.

Ah, no, not so much. You must be thinking of a different Pro Gear. The Albacore series lock down pretty tight. They have huge drags, those reels look pregnant because the gear box is bigger than the spool on the smaller models. Which is where the heavy and clunky factor comes from.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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