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Pro Gear Albacore special

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What's your thoughts for jigging tuna with this reel: model PG542
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It looks like this model may be discontinued? What is the current Pro Gear situation?
Thanks. It looks like Charkbait has a special on lefty Albacore specials. I can fish both left and right, but prefer lefties. The only star drag available in comparable size (not really) is the saltiga 30 (lefty), which is pretty light and small. I think the larger albacore special series would be a better choice, but like you mentioned parts may be an issue.

I have saltists, torium 20, senators 4/0's and 3/0 and the OJ 5000p at my disposal, but like any other tackle junkie I have the urge for something else. Being that my friend may split the cost of the Pro gear, I might consider buying it. Has anyone had malfunctions using the reel? It looks like they are well made and simplistic internally, but what do I know right??
I wish that was the case.. I have a couple friends that live in my town, we all go fishing but it's rare we all fish together, and when we do we have just enough tackle. If not we borrow each other's tackle on the basis that if something goes wrong we're responsible. Some people don't allow others to go near there gear, while understandable in our conditions it benefits us all. I am the lucky one though because I get out more than them.

Thanks for your opinion. I'm still looking for a lefty jigging reel. The saltiga 30 doesn't seem to have enough steem for big fish?? Other than that I guess I can go into lever drags but that opens so many different choices. Avets everols and accurates, which do I choose??

Although I definitey don't need the reel it's a comfort thing, and besides my buddy is also lefty and may be willing to split it.

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