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Pro Gear Albacore special

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What's your thoughts for jigging tuna with this reel: model PG542
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You can buy a Penn 113h in Left hand from for $142.99.
With a "codkiller" bearing conversion and a little drag mod. You have
an Under $200.00 reel that will work fine. If you want to get crazy you can find an accurate or Tiburon frame on E-Bay. It will still have more drag yhan the progear and is easily repairable.
Pro gear.

Sorry, my mistake. I was thinking it was the earlier progears that were like an aluminum version of the Penn.Still I can get quite a bit of drag out of a 4/0 using a differnt stack and a heavier belliville. My point was the price comparison. To bad these reels don't have straight cut gears.Than it would be easy to turn them around.

1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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