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Well the list is growing for raffle prizes.
We now have 2 custom Rods from Capt. neil and al goldberg
we also have a bag full of ballyhoo lures from Standuptuna Chris,
Also capt neil has gotten some free trip passes for some popular boats that advertise on the noreast
Each boat owner is giving 2 gift certificates for open boat trips.

Capt Whittaker, Captree 1/2 day boat in the bay.

Shinne**** Star, 1/2 day boat, south west end on Shinne**** canal, reservations needed.

Celtic Quest, Mt Sinai Harbor (just east of Port Jefferson), full day boat, reservations needed.

Lori C, Stony Brook dock, 1/2 day boat, reservations needed.

So this week i'll get out to local tackle shops and see if we could get some more prizes for the bash!
All those attending save some bucks for raffle tickets !Think about it your chances of wining some great prizes is like 70:1 not bad odds for some great prizes. More to come i have 2 seats left and we are sold out! Can't wait 1 month to go:)

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Guys, you can help out here

Go to your local tackle shop, and let them know that there is going to be a raffle where all proceeds will be donated to the Tyler Vranick fund. See what they can donate as well.
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