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I had the pleasure of joining some "business associates " on a private boat this past Sunday. The vessel was sleek and fast, a 50 something foot "Ocean Yacht", plenty of creature comforts and food, drinks. Fishing was something to be desired, no keepers, I don't think the captain or crew were real fishermen. But anyway it was fun, and I plan on joining Ralph and Nate this week to try and get some more of those tasty haddock fillets for the table.
I used my reel with the green power Pro and I think the stuff is great. I backed the reel with mono, added the braid, and attached a 50 foot mono leader. I could feel every fish that swam by, but I think using the mono line is like fishing with a rubber band in deep water. I did however see why the party boats hate the stuff after getting tangled with one of my fellow fishermen.
I'll spare Ralph the aggravation and bring the rubber band reel along with some special smoked venison chops. Read that as " loin chops."

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