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Another thing you might want to consider is the possibility of selling a few of your pieces when you get fairly decent at making them. I've been to a few fishing flea markets recently and even the simplest of lures and plugs are selling for between $15 and $25.00!! Not bad for a piece of broomstick, some paint and a dollars worth of hardware huh? That would sure help you recoup your initial investment in quick order. Another consideration is e-bay and other sale/auction sites. Also, something that you might want to look into Kev is an excellent book that BassHoll (THANKS BASS!! :)) recommended to me. I ordered it from it's called C. Boyd Pfieffer's Complete Book of Tacklemaking. I was considering an attempt at making a few myself. I'm not sure where I saw it, I thought it might have even been here somewhere, but I seem to remember a picture of a rigged up variable speed electric drill that someone used to turn plugs. If anyone could help me out with that I would appreciate it.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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