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Precepts of the United Church of Liberalism...

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I didn't write this but it did bring a smile to my face;

-- Their motto: "What's mine is mine and what's yours is negotiable."
-- Racism is either an abomination or a legitimate grievance, depending on the skin color of the racist in question.
-- Disarming law-abiding citizens protects them from armed criminals.
-- The Earth receives 200 billion megawatts of the Sun's power every second, which is less effective at planet-warming than an idling SUV.
-- We should pull out of Iraq until the terrorists show up.
-- The ability to create wealth is a sin. The ability to tax it is a virtue.
-- Abortion is a right to be fiercely protected. Why deny a woman the prospect of having unprotected sex with men they don't know very well, like or care about?
-- The US Government is unable to properly take care of our soldiers when they return from Iraq, but we should trust the government to handle healthcare for the whole country.
-- If you think Barack Obama would not be leading in the polls if he weren't black, you're a filthy bigoted racist who needs to apologize, but if you think the government invented AIDS and distributes cocaine to addict black people, then you're preaching about love.
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