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Hey Yaks and Pungos alike,The bulb in the melon just went off and BINGO out came a Idea !Hows bout getting together for a meet and greet before the Big Palooza Festival.Eyes got the place ,Brookhaven Amphitheatre ,LI(exact dates to follow) and the show will knock your sox off,Opening Mr Barry Williams (of brady Fame)followed by The Monkees(less Peter).How many mornings have I been out on the briny sea/paddling with the Walkman going and listening to Last train to Clarksville or Im a Believer.Pungos and Monkees music are simply made for each other.So please post and let me know if theres any interest.Feedback either good or Nay(I spoke to the Blutarskis last night and ther DOWN)


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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