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power wrapper

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I want to build a new power wrapper. My old experimental wrapper just is not cutting it anymore. Curious if anyone had any good ideas or plans. Appreciate any help. Thanks.
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Advanced Custom Rod Building by Dale Clemens has info, maybe a little outdated.

Try the archives in and

Stop in local tackle shops and ask to see their setup.

There are fine lathes sold in catalogs that serve the amateur to the professional wrappers. They range in price $300+ to over $700.

If you build many rods or a few but would like a very nice toy go for one. It will make wrapping more enjoyable.

Capt Neil

Have Fun Fishing. Capt Neil
Custom Fishing Rods by Captain Neil
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I made this wrapper some years ago. If your handy, please help yourself to these pictures, all was made with a drill press. i had to throw in the rest of the pictures for fun. My little home downstairs.


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whoops, didn't get the other pictures in. Here they are... hm, seems like I can only put in one picture each reply, so, if anybody knows how to put in more than one, let me know. thanks
These pic's that are above
are only there to give you some
idea's of what you can make for
yourself . IF you have a mind to.
Please help yourself to copy
anything you see that you like.

good luck---steve

Thanks so much for sharing those pics of your bench and set-up... VERY inspirational and I got a bunch of ideas just from your pics. I'm sure your pics are just what Billy40 is looking for cause he is looking to put a bench together. BTW, if you need help to clean up your bench, just make sure the Ben Franklin is there... ;)
You like the bill ? My new printer works great dosen't it. 20.00 buys a
100.00. [just kidding] lord knows who's watching.
the ultimate candy store very impresive cape
Lowtide, pop me your email, cause I got some ideas on a Do It Yourself lathe.
Hey Cape....

I especially like that ceiling!

Southwest winds always.....Seaox
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