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I have a Powerwinch brand, 30' class, free fall windlass. I have been having a problem with it, quite often, the line does not grab, the metal wheel thing turns, but is not biting the line, and sometimes the line "jumps" out of the "groove" where it should be seated, even with that little spring loaded arm.

I have called Powerwinch, and they said it probably, they said 99% sure, was the line. $180 later on new line, I'm still having the same problem. I am using the recommended line, and it is the correct diameter. When it works, it works great, but when it starts acting up, it a real pain, and someone has to go up on the bow to help it along. This can be a little dangerous at times.

Anyone have any suggestions on a cure, or comments on this brand of windlass?

Thanks in advance.

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makomatt, i have a simpson lawrance 600 (?) i think. its not a freefall but powerdown but ive had the same problem at times. i dont know your setup but if its 2 discs with teeth in btween them there should be a way to tighten it up (bring the discs closer). i have an allen wrench fitting on the side of one of the discs. its happened a coupla times with the proper diameter lines and both times tightening that fitting has cured my ills. hope this helps. and youre right, its a little busy up front there in a bit of a sea by myself or with my 11 year old at the helm and me pulling up rode. g.
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