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I have a Powerwinch brand, 30' class, free fall windlass. I have been having a problem with it, quite often, the line does not grab, the metal wheel thing turns, but is not biting the line, and sometimes the line "jumps" out of the "groove" where it should be seated, even with that little spring loaded arm.

I have called Powerwinch, and they said it probably, they said 99% sure, was the line. $180 later on new line, I'm still having the same problem. I am using the recommended line, and it is the correct diameter. When it works, it works great, but when it starts acting up, it a real pain, and someone has to go up on the bow to help it along. This can be a little dangerous at times.

Anyone have any suggestions on a cure, or comments on this brand of windlass?

Thanks in advance.

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It could be few things . . .

Matt - it could be a worn gypsy (The turning wheel) or it also could be that the line is not falling into the locker correctly and is forming a "Coil Pile" directly under the gypsy that is causing the line to lift slightly off the gypsy's surface which then causes the gypsy to spin without line retrieval.

Somebody that has some experience with these things needs to look at it.

Where is the boat? Maybe after I lift my boat this weekend I can help you out.

rgds, Leprechaun
No Problemo

I live in the Wantagh/Seaford area, just a quick blast down Merrick Road from you and am always available to help out.

If you have too much line stuffed into your locker, the windlass will malfunction on the retrieve just exactly as you describe. There has to be at least 18" of free-drop space between the bottom of your windlass and the top of the pile of line.

I have a similar situation on my boat. I stuff 500' into my locker and really there's only space for about 475'. So when the anchor is ALMOST to the boat the line stops coming up and then that's my clue to send someone down into the cuddy to open the anchor locker door and "Knock down" the pile of coiled line. Which is ALWAYS coiled right up to the bottom of the windlass (or top ofthe locker).

rgds, Leprechaun
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