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power pro line

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need a little help .
I am using power pro 30 lb with my 10 ft . The line is fantastic except for one problem. After casting into the wind
for prolonged periods it nests into a mess . I was told not to spool it high on the reel, but it still happens. I am
using a penn slammer 460 .

any help ?
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Power Pro on Penn Reels


I had Power Pro on a couple of my Penn SS' and had a big problem with wind knots even in no wind. I spoke to a lot of people who associated the same problem with the SS'. I went to Fireline and it stopped. I didn't even try it on my 560 Slammer, and went right to the Fireline. I do have Power Pro on a small Mitchel and Shimano reel and have no problems with it, so I would believe there is a problem with the design of the SS' (and maybe the Slammer's too). I like PP better than Fireline (I think it holds knots better, plus it is cheaper) and use it on all of my conventionals, but Fireline is king on the spinning gear for me.

I should also add that, guys using 50# have reported less wind knot problems.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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