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Portable Fish Finders - Any Recommendations?

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I am looking into Portable Fish Finders and have found 2 of interest. The AFL-1000 and the Hawkeye Portable. Any information on these two or others is highly appreciated. The vendor sites offer some info but I am interested in user feedback.

I posted this in Kayak forum too. Sorry if this is redundant to those viewers.
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It's my impression that most portable units are more for freshwater than saltwater. While I'm sure they will function in the salty, they appear to me not to be rugged enough nor powerful enough for saltwater use.

If you're using it just as a very basic depth and contour viewer it will probably suffice. But I have doubts about it actually locating fish accurately.

Also, keep in mind that much of the area you will be fishing in your yak is so shallow that a FF won't do you much good. Besides, if you're casting dozens of feet or more from your yak unless the FF has some kind of side-view feature it won't really do you much good to know what's right under your craft.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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