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Porgys anywhere?

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The Porgy season opened for surf fishermen a few days ago. Did any manage to catch any fish?
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Porgys 67! First trip of the year

Hey Everyone,

Went out to my favorite spot on the North Shore with a friend and zeroed out. Yep, we didn't catch any. Oh yeah, 67 is the amount of dollars that we spent on gas, food, bait & tackle for this trip!

Good luck everyone! Let me know if you have any advice where the Porgies are biting.

Porgy on the line...


Thanks for the advice. So I finally get to take my son out to do some Porgy fishing. So after taking 3 days off from work, spending over $120 in gas and another $45 in food & drinks we finally caught that 1 elusive Porgy fish!!! Yes, finally accomplished my goal :) Now I can give up Porgy fishing for the rest of the year...

Unless the Porgys make a dramatic return I will be awaiting on the side lines. Guys, please keep the posts coming!!!

1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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