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hey guys, all of august i have been killing the porgies. i took abot 3 feet of line tied a hook on a dropper looop, then added another hook 1 foot under it. in between, i put 3 1/8 splitshots. on the hook i put a tiny squid strip. can i consistently catch porgies all thrhough october???? i know the season closes haloween, but is the bite consistent within the next couple of weeks?
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Porgies Leaving?

Well Fluke kid there is no set time porgies will leave. It all has to do with the water temps, and bait. But my suggestion to you is Monday it reopens to the general angler so Get your self back down and beat on them again! But take only what fish you'll need to eat!
As far as when they will leave you'll know when they have stopped biting. This can happen over night. For a pier fisherman it?s hard to tell but from a boat you'll start seeing them in deeper water as they migrate out for the winter Good luck!
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