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Porbeagle fishing

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Does/has anyone fished for Porbeagle, or maybe had an incidental Porbeagle catch, sighting, etc.? Would like to know more about this shark to see if it's worth targeting around L.I. waters.

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I know they are seen pretty offten by the cod boats in mass during the winter and early sring. Early this spring while mackrel fishing about 5-8 miles outside fire island my buddy saw a huge swirl in the school of macks we never got a 2nd look at it so i have know idea what it was my guess would be a Porbeagle, whale, or one real lagre and confused blue fin i think the water was a bit on the chilly side for one of those but you never know... if i were to target porbeagle i think id head out in the spring find some mack in like say 120-150 ft of water put a can of chum over and a live mack of 2 then contiune on mack fishing because i think you might have a long wait trying to catch mr.shark i think fishing around the mack schools would be your best bet i dont see why they wouldnt follow them.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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