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Porbeagle fishing

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Does/has anyone fished for Porbeagle, or maybe had an incidental Porbeagle catch, sighting, etc.? Would like to know more about this shark to see if it's worth targeting around L.I. waters.

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I believe your odds would be better off of Montauk as well. More influence from the labrador (no pun intended)current, therefro colder water. A Montauk charter captain told me they are very good to eat, superior to mako in his opinion. The spring mack season might be a good time but I wonder if a late fall trip would do the trick. The twenty mile wrecks from Jones usually have macks and herring in the late fall early winter. Also, a friend reminded me that a large mako was landed out of shinne**** last year in mid December !!Go get one, I don't think anyone's seen one around LI in quite some time.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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