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I know that it has been proposed before, but shouldn't we create a Party Boat Board? I know some of the issues related to not having one revolved around boat bashing by people who may get skunked, have an axe to grind, etc.

But for me, I find it would be informative. For instance, I have only been fishing avidly for roughly three years. Since I do nothing but shore and party boat fishing, I've gotten to know most of the boats in the western sound area.

I'm not saying I'm an expert but most of us know that certain boats are better than others, specifically when targeting different spieces. I believe most boats have redeeming qualities as they relate to their knowledge of targeting differnet types of fish at differnt times of day, differnet locations that are "theirs", different times of years.

By getting skunked and having extraordinary catches, I've learned a lot and wouldn't mind sharing the information that took me three years (and a lotta bucks) to aquire.

What do you guys think?
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