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Given the recent economic climate I'm trying to create a week's worth of productive fishing by using local spots from shore for my vacation. I don't own a boat and normally I would spend my vacation going out on party boats but given all the things going on I'm trying to watch every penny.

I'm hoping the members here, especially you guys with much more experience then me can recommend some spots.

So far I've scouted out Calf pasture beach in Norwalk (near where I work)But I'd also like information on city Island, (which side of the bridge do you fish from???)

New Rochelle (where in Glen Island are the productive spots)

and any other places members can recommned from Norwalk to the Bronx (I know this is huge territory)

I plan on bringing two rods, one for chunking and the other for jigging Kastmasters. Any recommendation regarding bait or anything else would also be appreciated.

God Bless America

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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