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point lookout at night?

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can someone tell me if there is night fishing at point lookout. that spot is one of my top 5 but im only there in the fall during the day. i keep reading reports of great NIGHT catches in point look out but as far as i know there is no access... anyone have any info on parking locals, permits,etc needed to get in there at night. thx
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pt lookout @ night

yes...there is access though its a good walk.
if you wish to fish the inlet, you'll need to park on LIDO BLVD but no further east than Post Office then walk to ocean... otherwise, park in EAST MARINA by fishing fleet and walk down thru gate by may get stopped by public safety because it is not permitted to be down there at night. if you have fishing gear , there is a good chance they'll let you go... a hangmans rope or a handgun and they'll figure you for a suicide and tell you to get off the beach..I have a house down there so I have a pretty good idea what you can and cant do
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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