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Hi Bill,
Your post didn't get posted it in the "Welcome" thread & it's still there. I had hoped somebody would have e-mailed you already to see about doing the job. As we just started up the forum I don't know yet what the skill level is for the folks dropping by. Hope you do find somebody to do the work.
I know some folks who are more than capable...I'll e-mail them your request & let them give you a holler if they're interested.
I feel my own fingers itching to get hold of your plugs for repair/refinish but I'm flat out right now & taking on another fishing-related project would likely be the last straw for my wife who has a list "this long" of stuff she wants done that I've managed to put off since last spring. :)

Jerry Vovcsko,
East Bridgewater, Ma
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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