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Pledge Time

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I take an oath to abide by all of the Fed and State regs as they are set down.

Further, I wll make my own regs. I will not

- take sea bass less than 15 inches or use hooks smaller than 5/0
- take more than one striper per month and none over 36 inches
- use any hooks while clam chumming other than circle hooks
- kill short fluke by dragging spearing. I will use bucktails when ever possible and only large baits and hooks 5/0 or better for fluke
- keep porgies under 12 inches
- use any regulated fish for live bait
- keep more than 10 codfish
- fish for blackfish in spring or keep fall blackfish under 16 inches
- not fish catch and release for stripers in winter

Who's onboard, make your own
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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