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please try to refrain from jokes about ribs & chicken

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Getting some funny replies to this article after I sent it around the office.

One of the secrataries (are we allowed to call them that these days?)comes up to me & says:
"You know. I haven't decided who I'm voting for yet but after reading this & thinking about it - maybe McCain."

I asked why? How could a poll about who you would want to invite to a BBQ influence who you might vote for?

"Well - I was thinking about it & I can picture McCain in one of those funny Kiss the Cook aprons, knocking back a beer or two & grilling meat. You know - hamburgers, couple of steaks some hot dogs & joking around. When I picture Obama all I see is a guy trying to hard to look relaxed, drinking a glass of chardonnay & grilling veggie burgers. I think McCain would be more fun."

Kinda cracked me up because after she said that I'm picturing the same thing.
I don't however know that it would cement my decision as to who I'm going to vote for.

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1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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