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Please help w/ land based salt fising in Ipswitch MASS?

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I surf fish in NJ for stripers, fluke & tog on beach, inlets, jetties and bay. My wife & I will be vising a friend in Ipswitch the 2nd week of Aug & I want to sample the local fishing.
I have neve been there & have no idea what to expect.
Is anyone willing to help me w/ the how, when, what & where of fishing there?
I greatly appeciate any help.
As not to spot burn PM's are always welcome!
Thanks much!
P.S stripers are done for the summer here as they are all up your way, I would love to play w/ some nice stripers, but fluke would be fun too!
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Didn't reply to this at first because I don't know a lot of specifics but a little info may be better than none so here I go.
I grew up in Ipswitch (a long time ago). I know the local public Ocean Beach is Crane's Beach. I was young up there and didn't surf fish but knowing how stripers travel I'd bet that this area will have plenty stripers through August and into September. The whole coast line from there north is perfect striper habitat (bring corkers). I would research a local B&T and give them a call. Sorry I can't be more informative, I know the area but haven't fished it.
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