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Dear all,
I just got introduced to fishing this summer by a friend of a friend in Virginia Beach ? better late than never. I now plan to get a good ?entry level? rod and reel and would like to solicit the advise of the seasoned veterans, if they could be so kind enough, to point me to the right direction.

First, the rod and reel. I first planned to get it from Modell?s but read somewhere that it is better to go to the tackle shops. I went to a couple but was overwhelmed by everything around. I wanted to ask the staff for some advise but being at the height of the season and the number of customers, I didn?t want to rob the other patrons of their attention. (I haven?t been on any of the party boat either for the same reason). So, to the net I went and have my eye on an Ugly Stick (bws1101-7) and an Abu cd6-8000 (what?s the diff between center drag and front drag?) which I plan to spool with 20# mono. Any comments on the rod / reel? Is this a good match/setup? Can I use it for fishing on the pier? surf? boat? What kind and size of fish can I catch with this? (Shows the optimist in me). What are the other alternative equipments in the same rod / reel class (budget up to $300). Sorry for all the questions. But I know there are a lot more coming ? tackle and of course where I can get my line wet ? as soon as I get the right equipment, but I?ll save those other questions for later.

I could really use and appreciate all and any advise to get started ? and hopefully get in the action and catch whatever is left for the season.

Thanks to all . . .
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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