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Please help a first timer

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Please give us some tips..We are taking our first ever offshore trip on our own boat Sept. 7 th . We are basically just looking for some action and are gonna learn as we go along. We have all done offshore trips in the past and have some experience. Our plan is to head to Butterfish hole and look for some good signs (temp break or color change or bait) we figure we will set up a chum slick and drift. we are thinking that we might be able to get into osme blue sharks and see if anything else enters our slick(tuna or Mahi) We will then go from ther trying to catch what ever is around. Does anyone have any tips or a better way to start out. We have a range of about 20 miles from Montauk is there a better spot? What is our best bet? we just wanna learn. You guys are always soo helpful and I know everyone was a beginner once too. thank soo much in advance.

We have all the safety equipment and plan on being very safe
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Best bet this time of year is to the east, eithe the east side of the hole around Jenny's horn or Ryan's horn or further to the east, basically south or southeast of block island. Further east would be even better, but you don't have the range.
I don't have the numbers handy, but you can pick them up right from the chart. You're not going out there without a chart are you? Basically they are a little east of due south off the point. About 165 degrees if memory serves.
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