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Hi Salties,

I always forgot this one. It was years ago when I saw an angler, I would say seasoned, cut bait fishing, casting from a bridge using a baitcasting reel on a spinning rod. It really worked well for him. Recently, I was at an angler cafe and noticed another angler performed a similar practice.

Then I recalled one incident, a friend of mine, fishing in the same boat with me, was using a spinning reel on an Ugly Stik baitcasting rod that have stainless steel round guides (non ceramic coated), cast a jig and successfully caught a 6 pounder barracuda.

Out of curiosity,would there be by any chance certain baitcasting rod be utilized with a spinning reel. There are some baitcasting rods with slightly larger diameter ring guides coated with ceramic that may allow a short cast. But I was also assuming since the rod rings are levelled upwards for baitcasting, the rings wrapped as such may not be strong enough to carry the tension when it is levelled downwards, I hope you know what I meant.

:) Just Curious.
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