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First recomendation is to get a book on building rods. It is worth the 40 bucks, and may save you a $200 blank. There is some to know such as, finding the spine, Guide spacing, and other items that are good to know before starting. I purchased a book called Modern Tackle Craft, by C Boyd Pfeiffer. It was about $40. If you have lots of free time this is the book you want.
if you have any more quetions i will try my best to help.

always gottafly

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Good to hear about a new rod builder.

A good start is to call Clemens Tackle and ask to have their catalog sent to you. In the front of the catalog is a 4 page prima on building a custom rod. A lot of good info.1-(610) 395-5119.

Fiberglass Rod Making by Dale P. Clemens
Advanced Custom Rod Making by Dale P. Clemens
(Order from Clemens Tackle)

Rod Building Guide by Tom Kirkman
Available from Amato Publications, Inc.

Many times your local tackle shop builds custom rods. They are a tremendous help and if your use their help purchase your materials from them in return.

I would be very happy to assist you on this rewarding journey. I have a shop in Sayville, NY and you are welcome to come by and see how things are accomplished.

Happy rod building.

Capt Neil

Have Fun Fishing. Capt Neil
Custom Fishing Rods by Captain Neil
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