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Placement of doors in a Duffy 35 winter-back (cabin bulkhead)

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I've gotten to the stage of my Duffy 35 MOH where I now need to install the cabin bulkhead (some of you guys call it the cabin winterback). Anyway, I was originally planning on installing 2 sliding doors placed in the center of the bulkhead -- one door slides to port, the other slides to starboard with each door being 24" wide. In the end, I'd have a 48" wide door located dead center. But now I am debating the merits of installing a single 36" door "off-center" and to starboard. The main advantage of this placement is to allow construction of a "L" shaped seat on the port side with a small table at the corner of the seating. Disadvantage - difficult to remove the engine from the boat through an off-center door.

DO any of you see other advantages or disadvantages to either design?
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I have an off center sliding door and I did it for seating reasons also. Thought about that little problem if the engine croaks and the simple solution I came up with is to cut the whole thing (winter back)out and re-glass it in when the repairs are done. Not really that big of fix when you factor in how big of a job dropping in a new diesel is. Good luck. Tom.


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