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Pipe / tower welder in NY or CT???

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Anyone know of someone in the Westchester or Western CT areas (even North Shore of LI) who does aluminum tower pipe welding? Spring inspection revealed two cracks in the welds on my hardtop, each about 1? ? 1 ½? long. Need to find someone who can grind them out and reweld. Hoping it?s not a structural problem ? if they come back, I may need to add more braces (boat is seven years old, it?s a factory hardtop built by Bausch on a Shamrock ? it?s taken this long for the cracks to show, so I?m thinking its not a structural design flaw, but they are in exactly the same place on two of the four main uprights).

I'm right next door to the Derecktor yard, I think they might know a little about welding aluminum, but I'm thinking I may be too small for them. Any other thoughts?
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