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Just 174 lbs short of world record Atlantic Blue Marlin.

I know there are some NJ and NY members of the 2008 N.C. Governor's Cup Billfish Conservation Series and some NJ boats fished this tournament, so thought this would be interesting.

here is the link, all Blue Marlin were relesased except this tournament winner caught Aug. 15th.

Largest Blue Marlin Ever caught in USA
1228.5 # Blue Marlin will be pending NC State Record

MANTEO ? A pending North Carolina state record Atlantic Blue Marlin was caught Friday, August 15, during the 25th Annual Pirate's Cove Billfish Tournament by Trey Irvine onboard the Mimi.

The massive 1,228.50 pound Atlantic Blue Marlin was weighed at Pirate?s Cove Marina at approximately 3:45 P.M. On August 15. When the catch is certified, it will bump the N.C. state record 86.5 pounds over the current record 1,142 pounder caught by Jack Herrington in 1974. The Pirate's Cove tournament is the final event of the 2008 N.C. Governor's Cup Billfish Conservation Series and officials from the Division of Marine Fisheries were at the event, so this record should be accepted quickly.

The world record Atlantic Blue Marlin weighed 1,402.20 pounds and was caught in Brazil in 1992.

Irvine, of Westin Florida, and the Mimi crew joined fishermen from New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and South Carolina competing in the tournament. A total of 104 Billfish were caught during the tournament and all but the Mimi's huge blue marlin were released for a 99 per cent release rate.

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MakoMike wrote:
gcm25 wrote:
I guess that fish filled alot of dumpsters. what a waste!

Marlin is good eating. But what I would do with that much of it, I don't know. My freezer isn't that big!

Well, there's 8 guys in the picture, plus their friends & families. I'm sure you'd manage.
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