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The lure with the hook in it was made by making a floor leveling compound casting of a favorite cone shaped lure that I had a lot of luck with. Its painted with green auto spray lacquer & made of lead to run deeper.
Lures 1, 3, 4, & 6 are made from fiberglass resin & cast in a mold I made from the neck of a plastic funnel. I also have some cone shaped headed ones I make in a turkey baster mold I have modified.The lure 2nd up from the bottom is made from green plastic small diameter garden hose. I take progressively smaller tubing to fill the inside up & make it more substantial .The skirts are "Williamsons" skirts I buy whenever I find the colors I want.
PS: Most of those lures in the pictures are rigged in a daisy-chain of 4 teasers & a lure with a hook. I only showed one of ea to keep the picture of each lure larger.


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Mahi Mahi,

Great stuff man!! You do really nice work. If I did a lot of offshore fishing, I'd be asking a million questions. However, most of my fishing is restricted to the surf on the northand south shores of LI. Thanks for sharing your work with us!
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