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Pic of the Morning

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Pre-dawn is my favorite time of day, it's just me and the birds --- and the clam and scallopers getting ready to sail -- if they haven't left already!


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LobsterD wrote:
Top of my list would be fresh herring,very hard to come by nowadays especally the right quantity at the right time,then bunker then work yourself down the bait chain from there.
I've been using bunker for years,bought in bulk fresh then salted and stored in the barrel. After a little pickeling, ummm ummm good smelly bunker
A shame we don't have smello-vision or I'd give you a wiff

I think I've smelled that brew a couple of times before. I'll pass on the smell-o-vision, thanks!
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Actually the big lobster bait dealer in Pt Jude is selling mostly skates now. I've watched that poor schlep out on the dock in the hot sun gutting and salting those skates for hours at a time. I think I'd rather be breaking rocks.
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LobsterD wrote:
Umm, so Hunt n' Fish, you don't use scent when you "hunt" ??:confused:
MM, luckly, I still got a hook in the water catching an early spring run of bunker off the beach -- not fishing as hard as I use to so 100-150 barrels gets me thru.
Reload a little in the fall.

credit to the shutterbug --

How much gear you running?
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1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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