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I agree with everybody it does annoy me to no end to see people taking shorts and I've gotten into my share of arguments and fights as well...I'd like to share a story..

I was fishing in Wolfe's Pond in Staten Island NY and as I ran into a Russian couple who had 2 5 gallon Joint Compound buckets filled with panfish and Largemouth Bass..Wolfe's is a no kill lake and I informed them of that fact...apparently they couldn't speak english and the fish were dead already ,I really wasn't in the mood to get into a fight with this guy so I walked my wallet I have the number for our local game warden whom I called luckily he was in the area and stopped by. I watched him and his partner take every fish out and lay it out on the shore and give them a summons for every fish.
It doesn't happen often but these people do get caught so my advice is to stay informed and get to know your local CO. Don't confront these people directly let the CO's do it afterall it's their job and they're better equipped to deal with it.

Tight Lines,
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