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I used to be one of those who kept short bass. I was only 13 at the time. The biggest bass I caught back then was 20". I thought it was the biggest fish ever. I have not kept any more shorts or even more than I can eat. I take pictures now and kept 1 in every 25 legal fish I catch.

People who are sneaky like what you have mentioned does make me very upset. I have seen all kind of so called fisherman regardless of race. I have seen asians, hispanics, caucasian, and other people keep shorts or off season fish. They all can read, write or at least speak English.

When I see someone who pretends to not understand English. I speak to them or show hand gestures indicating a big no no.

In Brooklyn, I saw many hispanics took short bass, fluke, and any fish that is illegal. I approached them and told them to throw it back. They spoke spanish to me and thought I dont understand them. I told them I may not look hispanic but hablo espanol. I got into a few arguments over fish. Most of the time I win. A few time I got into fights. The problem is not with any race or group. It is with culture.

I saw bass poles who are asian, russian, and other ethnic too.

Lets not go mad. Lets try to save our fishes and keep educating the other bass poles.
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