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Hitting PETA where it hurts: International Eat an Animal for PETA Day
If you haven't heard by now, PETA has started yet another offensive ad campaign. This one really reaches bottom?they are using Holocaust terminology, quotes, and pictures to liken the "slaughter" of animals to the slaughter of the Jews by the Nazis.

PETA is known for this kind of outrageous publicity stunt?and that's what it is, an outrageous publicity stunt?and while I am also offended and outraged, there is absolutely nothing we can do that will make PETA change their ad campaign. I'm sure they knew exactly what they were doing, have a plan in mind, and, if they withdraw the campaign, will do it according to their deadlines and their decisions.

So let's make up our own outrageous publicity stunt. Let's designate Saturday, March 15th, as International Eat an Animal for PETA Day. Everybody set the date on your calendar, and either go out and enjoy a great steak, or cook one at home. Or cook up some chicken or fish or anything else that PETA wouldn't want you to eat. And let's let PETA know how their ad campaign has affected us.

Send a letter to PETA something on the order of this one: (You can cut and paste, but you can also write your own.)

Dear PETA,

I found your new ad campaign, "The Holocaust on your plate," offensive and outrageous. But I don't expect your organization to suddenly develop any sense of tact or human decency, so I thought I'd tell you what your campaign has wrought:

March 15th has been designated "International Eat An Animal For PETA" day. On that day, I'll be chowing down on a juicy steak, or chicken, or perhaps I'll have lobster?fresh, of course, chosen from the tank specifically for me. Maybe I'll have a plate of ribs at my local barbecue restaurant. Then there's that great seafood restaurant with the poached salmon and the delicious crabcakes. I could take my family there.

America's a free country, and you have the right to say what you want, no matter how offensive I think it is. But as a result of your insensitivity to those millions of people who died in the real Holocaust, and to the survivors and their descendants, I and my family will show PETA the same kind of insensitivity.

And have a great, meat-filled dinner, while we're at it.

Chew on that......

They can be contacted at PETA
501 Front St.
Norfolk, VA 23510
Tel.: 757-622-PETA (7382)
Fax: 757-622-0457
E-Mail [email protected]

United Kingdom:
PETA Europe Ltd.
PO Box 36668
Tel: 020 7357 9229
Fax: 020 7357 0901
E-Mail [email protected]
PETA Europe Web Site:

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Thank you for offering your thoughts on our "Holocaust on Your Plate"
Campaign. I want to explain further why we decided to do this campaign
and why we think it's so important.

As a Jew, and on behalf of the Jewish people in the PETA office, some of
whom came up with the idea for the creation of this project, please let
me assure you that the intention of the display is to decrease the
amount of cruelty in the world, not to minimize the human suffering that
occurred during the Holocaust.

It might help for you to know that this project is funded by a Jewish
philanthropist who has spent the last 25 years working with prominent
Jewish organizations that highlight the atrocities that took place
during the Holocaust. This donor is one of many compassionate people who
recognize the moral and ethical imperative of making the public aware of
the parallels between what was done to Jews and others in World War II
and what is being done to animals kept in intensive confinement systems
and slaughtered for food today.

The concept of our campaign originated with Nobel Prize-winning Yiddish
author and vegetarian Isaac Bashevis Singer, who said, "In relation to
[animals], all people are Nazis; for [them], it is an eternal
Treblinka." As you may know, Singer fled Europe as the Nazis were coming
into power and lost most of his family in the Holocaust. He became a
vegetarian as a result of what he lived through and what he saw. He
spoke out in favor of vegetarianism until his death in 1991. His
argument was that it doesn't matter who the victims are-we must speak
out against all atrocities and cruelties and help to stop them.

While the exhibit is shocking and very hard to look at, please consider
visiting our Web site, where you'll read what many
Holocaust survivors and their families have said about the fact that it
is not only appropriate, but necessary to learn from the Holocaust and
apply these lessons to help the weakest among us today: the animals. We
honor victims of the Holocaust by remembering what they went through,
doing our part to lessen violence on all levels, and by making sure that
we learn from this history.

As a child, I read about and studied the Holocaust, and one of the
things that has stuck with me for years has been the stunning reality
that as 11 million people were spit on, mocked, beaten, and gassed,
millions more-those who were not in fear for their lives-looked on and
let it happen because it didn't affect them directly. PETA is asking
people to stop this from happening today.

Most animals raised for food each year in the United States live on
"factory farms," where to maximize profits, producers raise the most
animals in the least amount of space possible. Overcrowded in small
cages or stalls, most never see the sun, breathe fresh air, or feel
grass beneath their feet. Frightened infants are torn from their
distraught mothers. Chickens have their beaks cut off; cows have their
horns pulled from their heads; pigs are castrated-all without
painkillers. Then these animals are crowded into filthy, slippery
transport trucks in all weather extremes and taken to slaughterhouses
where they are strung up by their legs and have their throats slit-often
in full view of each other. The entire time, these self-aware animals
live and die in fear and pain. All we are asking people to do is
consider and reject what animals are being forced to go through every
day just because people don't relate to them.

Dr. Helmut Kaplan, a scholar and philosopher, said, "Our grandchildren
will ask us one day: Where were you during the Holocaust of the animals?
What did you do against these horrifying crimes? We won't be able to
offer the same excuse for the second time, that we didn't know." The
Holocaust happened because people turned a blind eye to cruelty. Will we
now turn our backs on cruelty and injustice again? Every time a person
sits down for a meal, he or she chooses whether to support the holocaust
against animals or to help end it. We shouldn't choose which atrocities
to oppose. As human beings, we should oppose all atrocities.

The idea that just because animals are different or can't speak for
themselves, they shouldn't be considered living, breathing, sentient
beings worthy of life is the same mindset that allowed the Holocaust to
happen. Philosopher Theodor Adorno, a German Jew who fled Nazi Germany
in the 1930s, wrote, "Auschwitz begins wherever someone looks at a
slaughterhouse and thinks: they're only animals."

I hope this helps to clarify the rationale behind this campaign. Please
do let me know if you have further thoughts or questions. To learn more
about Judaism and vegetarianism, please visit


Matt Prescott
Youth Outreach Coordinator
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

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I will send a letter to the destination provided by LIGHTTACKLEMAN, and post thier response upon it's arrival.


I am writing to you in regard to your representative's response to a friend's inquiry about the latest PETA campaign, "Holocaust on Your Plate". As per quotations by Mr. Matt Prescott , PETA Youth Outreach Coordinator, can you answer a few questions for me?

He quotes, animals headed for slaughter are "Overcrowded in small cages or stalls, most never see the sun, breathe fresh air, or feel grass beneath their feet. Frightened infants are torn from their
distraught mothers."

These observations would be frightening, and it has occured to human beings at a darker time in our history. People have emotions, and with that consideration, these are atrocities. In the animal kingdom, is not emotion mistaken for the survival instinct? Do animals "miss, or regret not experiencing" the sun, fresh air, and grass beneath thier feet? Do they understand the difference?

Is not "fright" defined as an irrational elevation of basic fear, and "distress" defined as an emotionally heightened reaction to stress, both of which are unique to more complex human behavior?

Also quoted, "Then these animals are crowded into filthy, slippery
transport trucks in all weather extremes....."

Do animals have a hygiene threshold? Do they not exist in the outdoors in all temperature extremes?

Not to condone this mistreatment in the name of profit by people, butare these observations strong enough to support PETA's mission statement, or can it be argued that it is meant to appeal to - and magnify - human emotion?

Also quoted, "Chickens have their beaks cut off; cows have their
horns pulled from their heads; pigs are castrated-all without

If this is true, and I have seen enough slaugterhouse footage to easily believe it, this can be the basis of your objections, which I could not logically object to. It is evident though, to include the other agueable notations as described above, is to produce a viewpoint based solely on emotion - absent of fact - and misguide people who are scientifically uneducated.

If you can direct me to unbiased documentation that scientifically supports the claim that animals experience the complex emotions stated in Mr. Prescott's passages, I would make the time to review them, and reconsider my viewpoints.

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Are all Peta members vegetarians? and is there goal to convert as many or all human beings to be vegetarians as well. And if they would succeed could there possibly be enough fruits, vegetables and whatever else it is that they consume to feed the entire population. I don't think so, they must be aware of the fact that a large portion of the population will have to consume meat anyway so what is the purpose of there orginazation.

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Botumfedur, you hit the nail on the head.

PETA is constantly trying to comvince people thatt even the simplest of animals, with the smallest of brains (or a group of nerve endings coming together) have the ability to think the way humans do and feel the same feelings that humans would under some form of stimulus. If that were the case, and fish, chickens or cows had the ability to think ratonal thought or experience deep emotions, guess what..... THEY"D BE EATING US!

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I also heard on a news station that the Peta president sent a letter off to the middle east (Israeli / Palastinian) stating the cruel and inhumane treatment of dogs and cats that are subject to suicide bombings. The news station stated the letter (which I didn't read) had no reference to the pain and suffering and the extreme loss of life that are part of the everyday life there. Peta cares about animals but has no regard for humanity. Dogs and Cats? Get with the program.

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How did this forum get so political?I thought we were talking fishing.I dont want to get started but I lost 343 FDNY brothers on 9/11.My prayers are always with them and all the others,but I'm not giving up meat and fish to prove my loyalty.As for PETA not the 15th but St.Patricks Day I'll be enjoying my corned beef and cabbage after the parade.Then I'll be saying a prayer for the Catholic's in the North of Ireland who are still under English rule.One reason being it's there last outpost in what was the "Great British Empire"Hopefully that wall will fall soon also. I told you not to get me started,Sorry Lets get fishing.

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Here is the response. Please forgive the wait, I couldn't find the can opener.

Thank you for contacting PETA. If this is an emergency and an animal is
in imminent danger, please contact our office by telephone at
757-622-7382. Please listen to the recording for emergency instructions.

If you are inquiring about your membership status or monthly pledge, or
if you have questions regarding your membership in general, you will
receive a personal response from a staff member within two business

We read all letters and value your comments and suggestions. Your input
is important to us and will be shared with the appropriate staff
members. Due to the tremendous volume of mail we receive, we cannot
respond personally to all inquiries. However, if you have requested
information to be sent to you, and you provided a mailing address,
please be assured that we will be sending the item(s) right away.

Suggestions and cruelty notifications will be passed along to the
appropriate staffers.

Please explore the following links to see if they can help you:

Many questions we receive are answered on our Frequently Asked Questions
page at or at
Please take a look.

For information about PETA, please go to:

If you would like to receive information and updates from PETA, please
click here for information on
our e-mail news lists.

For safety reasons, we do not open any e-mail attachments. If you have
sent an attachment, please resend your message within your e-mail.

Thanks again for your feedback and interest in animal rights.


The PETA Staff

We need your help! Support PETA's vital campaigns to save animals.


Yeah, right. Like I'm going to give them my mailing address!

The FAQ page is a trip. You'll love it!

(No animals were slaughtered in the preparation or presentation of this post)

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Simply put, those folks at PETA are a bunch of sickos with FAR too much tie on their hands. I'm not a Jew, but my wife is, and we think their "holocaust" ad campaign is truly disgusting.
PS - remember, these are the ones who wanted to change the name of Fishkill to "FISH SAVE" They're not only arrogant, but stupid as well.

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My earlier response

Send this to PETA......I don't care how you try to rationalize your views. As a Jew, I'm deeply offended and take exception with your attempt to justify your position because you and a select few in your camp share a faith with some of "our" ancestors that were subjected to the horrors of the Holocaust. Your analogy would be better suited if you highlighted the similarities of the irrational basis for your zealous views with those of the Nazis.
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