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I went to Belmont Park to inquire about a new 4WD Permit and was suprised tp learn that the NYState Access pass will no longer be honored for 4WD or Fishing permits. Full fees must be paid. This is more of B. Castro's idea of plugging a budget gap and compassionate Republicanism. I don't know how many permits were given to the handicapped, but I can't imagine it amounting to a whole lot. To a lot of people this may not mean much, but to those of us who do it means another bite into an already small fixed income or not being able to get to the surf. This has been a staple of the Access Pass for many years. I feel she has something against the fishermen and now the handicapped. First she raised the tolls to Robert Moses Park and Captree. Then she realized a few fishermen were slipping through her net so she started collecting the tolls at 5a instead of the old 8a. Then she sliced up the beach that used to be fishermen's so her sons could go surfing. Not satisfied, she then set about ruining the Captree Tackle Shop. Maybe Bob Matherson was right when he said "get out of NY before its too late".
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