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pretty neat video

This took place a day or two ago with Pakistan claiming an attack on their own forces. This is the footage from the drone that carried out the attack proving there was no attack on freindly forces.

Of course you have to assume it actually is from the same drone/attack.

Either way - some pretty incredible footage.

An international maelstrom erupted yesterday between the U.S. and one of its key allies, the Pakistani government after 11 Pakistani paramilitary troops were killed on the Afghan border. The U.S. launched an air strike after it said it was attacked by insurgents running between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Pakistan called the U.S. attack ?unprovoked.? The U.S. said called the airstrike a legitimate retaliation.

As we wrote, the incident strained U.S.-Pakistani relations, which were already tarnished. Today, the Pentagon offered its first substantive response to the criticism with its video of what happened. There is audio on top of the six-minute video, so I will simply post it and let you decide.

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