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Penn 704...a moment of silence please......there is no substitute.


I use this on two 10fters. A custom ugly stik and a Lamiglas XS 101 MS. If your at all worried about a bail closing, pickup the manual pickup for the bail for about $5. Your done. I've also drilled five 1/4" holes in the bottom of the cup to help wash out sand and salt while casting.
I love them so much I bought a 706 for my 11'6" Penn and that thing is a machine!
I'm also using a 710 on a Star 9ft med action. this reel shares it's spot with a 5500 sometimes.
I feel more confident with the all metal 710. Feels stronger. SS reels are still a bit too quirky for me. I'll stick with the time proven models.

Penn "Z" series~The end (IMHO)

1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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