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How are the PENN SS models??? I was looking into them but the B&T shop only had the 7500SS model... good size but a little bit heavy. Is this a good real or should i just wait for him to get the PENN LiveLiner in???

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The Penn SS are good reels, but the anti-reverse on mine has been giving me problems lately, it's being fixed as we speak.....

I have an 8500 and a 9500.... Both are heavy reels. The 8500 is the one I'm having problems with, the 9500 has given me no problems. The drag is good... Reel has never let me down, and with the large spool I am able to fit 500 yards of 20lb power pro on it.

The only drawback I found was the weight, but you will get over it....
Between my father and I, we have over six of them, ranging from the 4500 to the 7500, and we like them very much. We haven't had any of the problems with the anti-reverse that others seem to have had.

But, if you can afford it, I would get a Slammer or Liveliner. The metal body and infinite anti reverse are very nice features. I am going to be getting a Slammer 560 for an 11 foot rod.
Matt what are you going be using this reel for??? Pluggin, chunkin, livelining, light tackle??? There is a reel to fit all fishing applications just name what or all you wil be using it for and the conditions in which you are fishing. I am not a fan of penn unless you want a reel that is clunky with no bells and whistles that is fairly reliable. The slammers are a start but I can name 10 more reels that will top them for the same ammount of money.
thanks everyone for the info so far. I will be using this reel on the surf for blues and stripers, i will mostly be chunking....... and i might use it for bucktailing but it seems a bit heavy for that. oh yea and i want to match it with a 10' rod.

thanx matt
Sorry forgot to mention I will also be using the reel for plugging too.
Penn SS = Anti Reverse problems...

Hi AnthonyN,

Go Ahead, Name 10..

I'd be interested to see what you come up with if you think the slammer is "clunky".....

But go ahead, I am anxious to know what you think is better for the same money.

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"I am not a fan of penn unless you want a reel that is clunky with no bells and whistles that is fairly reliable"

Uh----and your point is? ;)
The SS reels seem to require a bit more PM (preventive maintenance) than I think a surf reel should, especially the anti-reverse under the rotor.

Otherwise, I think it's good reel.


Those are some of Penn's great selling points. They are simple (there is less to break and they are easier to fix) and reliable (therefore they don't break that often). Plus, almost any tackle shop carries a supply of replacement parts.

You suggest he go for a fancier reel, with more "bells and whistles" that is not as reliable. So then there is more to break, it is easier to break and it is harder to fix. I would rather have the reel that will last than a reel that costs the same but will have to be replaced after every season or two.

All I do is rinse the reels down after every use and oil it after every few. Penn's are great reels. If you can name ten manufacturers that make a reel as good as Penn, and are the same price, please do because I am interested.

I have tried others, that have failed, and had to come back to Penn. They may seem like they are a little expensive for the features you are getting, but they're unbeatable feature is their reliability.
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Thanks everyone for your comments so far. But i'm still pretty undecided, i might still go with the SS, but i would rather the 6500 than the 7500 because there is a pretty big difference in weight...... i want something that feels durable and not tooooo light at the same time..... anybody know of any reels besides the SS that might fit the description???????
OK sorry for the delayed response fellas but here goes! Geez where should I start!

OK mattyblazer I have held the penn slammer and it seems to be a solid reel. It is much smoother than the penn SS models with features the penns should have been updated with. On the other hand its new and its relibilty is unknown as of yet. I would go with a Shimano Baitrunner 4500 before a slammer. The Baitrunner has just been updated as well and will cost the same as the older models. I have owned and abused mine for the past 5 years with NO problems. I never rinse them and treat my reels like crap and not one thing has gone wrong. Not to mention all the fish I have caught on it. I owned a Penn 650 and the main gear stripped while reeling in a 12lb blue.

Next up doughboy! Ok most of my reels are more expensive and I buy my reels to fit my fishing applications.

Light Tackle plugging Shimano Sedona 4000

Pluggin Daiwa Emblem-Z 5000A and Daiwa Emblem-X 5000T

Chunkin/Livelining Shimano Thunnus 16000

eels/secondary chunkin Shimano Baitrunner 6500

Those reels are for my main applications for stripers. I have many other reels but those are the main for stripers.

"You suggest he go for a fancier reel, with more "bells and whistles" that is not as reliable. So then there is more to break, it is easier to break and it is harder to fix"

Personally I expect my reels to give me five years of faithful service without being repaired even once. After that most of the models are updated and I buy new reels. Just because the model has better features doesn't mean they are more prone to failure. Not for nothing but my reels are less likely to fail due to superior technology. I don't care how easy a reel is it fix I never want to fix them I want features and technology that will help maximize my fishing experience.

Matt17 check out the Shimano Baitrunner. I am guessing your gonna be using 20lb or 17lb mono for stripers and blues so go with the 4500 if you want something a little more beefy go with the 6500 model. When chunking they have the secondary drag which lets the fish run without feeling it. So it gives you more time to set the hook and a better hookset. Also, works great for live lining and you can use it for pluggin. I do not suggest going over 20lb mono for any pluggin setup as it will hurt your distance when casting.

Good Luck!
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Hi AnthonyN,

I used my liveliner for a few weeks only and it is on the slammer platform, it has worked out well so far. When I bought it the thought in my head was why buy the shimano baitrunner, which wobbles very bad, "clunky" for sure, so I gave the Penn a shot and low and behold it is a balanced reel.... No Wobbles to speak of, the thunnus is giagantic and there is no way, no how that it is near $129.00

Matt, I would go with the slammer, the 5600 is a decent size and the body is better than the "ss" series, you can also check them out at


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Matt they updated the baitrunner for 2002 and now comes with all those good features like IAR, its rotor is now balanced. It is also $20 bucks cheaper and more reliable than any penn I have used as far as spinning reels. Customer service is excellent as well or so I hear I have never had to use it! You can check it out in

Enclosed is a pic of the updated baitrunner. The baitrunner also has more line capacity. I can't see how you could go wrong with one. I feel it is a MUCH better reel than penns offerings.
The penn is a great new product, all metal with the shaft supported in three places... I wont knock the shimano, but at least I know that I have tried them bolth, not the new plastic shimano the old design, and I own a couple shimanos for fresh water. I just dont think it's right to pass judgement on the Penn with out actually trying it first.

But to each his own, besides Japan's economy needs the money.


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I have Penn 6500,5500,4500 & 704z.
Havent had a problem yet.
I use the 6500SS on a 10ft st.croix with lures.
It works great and I really like it.
It weighs 22oz. The 7500SS is heavier.(25oz.)
Depends on what type of fishing you plan on doing.
I have the penn 704z strictly for tossing bait on a 12ft surf stick.
All the other reels I mentioned are strictly just
for using lures.
No complaints here.

IBEW local 1049
I had a shimano for ultra light fresh water that was a hunk of junk. However it was not a high end model, so I am not counting that. Like I said, I have tried some other reels that never held up. The Penn's always were stronger with great drags. I have not tried the Shimano's you mentioned so I cannot speak from experience. What I have heard from tackle shops and a friend of mine who had one, is that the Penn's have stronger gears and drags. On a bonefishing trip my father's friend's expensive shimano reel blew out somehow, while my father's trusty Penn performed flawlessly.

I am aware that there are possibly some better reels out there. Van Staal or Fin-nor might be better, but that is another discussion that always leads to great debate. If you can truly abuse your reels by not ever washing or oiling them and have them last even five years then I would stick with them too. I have always had good luck with Penn equipment so I will stick with them for the money. And with simple maintainance, they could last a lifetime.


I would definately check out the Liveliner or Slammer to compare before buying an SS. You should even check out the Shimano, if it is as good as Anthony says it is. Then, buy the best you can afford, because it is even more enjoyable and satisfying to fish with nicest equipment you can.
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Penn 704...a moment of silence please......there is no substitute.


I use this on two 10fters. A custom ugly stik and a Lamiglas XS 101 MS. If your at all worried about a bail closing, pickup the manual pickup for the bail for about $5. Your done. I've also drilled five 1/4" holes in the bottom of the cup to help wash out sand and salt while casting.
I love them so much I bought a 706 for my 11'6" Penn and that thing is a machine!
I'm also using a 710 on a Star 9ft med action. this reel shares it's spot with a 5500 sometimes.
I feel more confident with the all metal 710. Feels stronger. SS reels are still a bit too quirky for me. I'll stick with the time proven models.

Penn "Z" series~The end (IMHO)

Redgill is right on the money. I have a Penn 850
two 440`s a 704 and a 712z. For what you want go with the 704. Also I kept the bail on the 704 and have never had a problem. Just change the bail spring once every 5 or 10 years for about .50.

Good fishing Wackey
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