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I agree with you 100%! It?s a great way for a family gathering and enjoy the fruits of your labor! Also, can you tell me more about the 24? Penn Yan... I used to own the 25? tunnel drive but I heard they no longer making it? is that correct?

I have the Penn Yan 235 avenger flybridge with the i/o. I checked the web site and the do still make tunnel drives they still make is the 232 avenger "Stern drive, Inboard, or Inboard Tunnel, the Avenger comes anyway you want it". thats from their website
I looked a couple of tunnel drives 26' but they wanted too much $$$ for the condition.The one I bought was in great condition and gives a nice solid dry ride.I do all my fishing out of NH and cruise from Cape Ann MA up to the Saco river in Maine and havn't had any problems yet.

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