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Penn Reel bashing?
I just dont understand it?
I keep reading posts How penn reels
are Inferior.
Lots of anglers complaining about
the reels just not up to Par!
I own SS models as well as the Z- series!
I have'nt had a problem with any of these reels!
They are a work horse of a reel and cant complain!
These reels can take a punishment!
Now if your Dunkin these reels in salt water and Dunkin them In the sand
what do you expect!
I dont know what you guys are doing but
I sure as **** aint letting my reel
touch the sandy beach!
You want a reel with BALLZ get a penn!
Otherwise check your priorities!
Sick & tired of hearing BS about PENN!
You can keep your bells & whistles!
" It can take a beating and still keep
On REELING! Oh Yeah.....!

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Whoa! Where did that come from......

Or are you just bored.

Right on though, I am a Penn man, both rods and reels.

P.S. The dog knocked my new Slammer into the sand today. I was almost ready to cry, but I just washed it out and she's ready to go again for tommorow morning.
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