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graphite bodies

one rod /reel combo I have is a shimano tld25 with a graphite body. It is great due to its lever drag and light body but consider this when buying steel versus graphite body reels- We caught a 275-300 lb thresher shark on the rod a few years back- after seeing the fish when it jumped we knew my brother in law would be at it for a long time so we had him put on a stand up harness and hooked it to the reels top harness rings. In the midst of the battle there was a tremendous bang like a gun shot It scared the life out of all of us. The reels body had broken under the stress and now we had a reel hanging by the harness clips and the rod still in the waist belt. Myself and a friend held the reel as jim turned the crank 1/2 hand lining in the fish till it was boatside. I had the reel body replaced at a local shop and still use it today. I dont think a metal bodied reel would have broken as that one did.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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