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TLD 25

I have 2 TLD 25's, the only problem I have with them is the drag settings. One reel I have no problem getting 17lbs of drag (50lb test), the other reel I can only get 13lbs. of drag. I have only caught small mako's and mid size blue sharks on them and they were great, smooth drags. My only complaint is the option for higher drag settings on the one reel (both reels were bought at the same time) I talked to a rep at the Suffern show and basically he said to live with it. One show on ESPN had a TLD30 frame blow up while they were using either 16 or 20 lb test line. I guess this a problem with graphite reels. I have the two Shimano's, 2-25 GLS, 2-45GLS, 2-Formula 15LD's, I love them all!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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