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I agree with BA, the TLD's are a bargain reel. Take your pick the single speed TLDs are a very good starter reel, but the real gems are the TLDII series which are 2-speed. The TLD20II and 30II are incredible reels that can fish up to 60# line (if you use spectra backing). Light, compact, bulletproof, low maintenance and a joy to use, particularly on a private boat. The 50 is there if you need capacity or you will fish straight 50-80# mono only. Can't go wrong with any of the the TLDII's (I have 3).

There's a web special on the Shimano TLD20II for $489 (AU); about $250 US, at

Great service, have bought 3 reels from them and it takes about 3 weeks to arrive from Aussieland. Not affiliated, yada, yada... just a happy customer.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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